Having a spectacular season again with Magic. I left Magic with my father and guests to hunt the entire season in Missouri and he again has surpassed our expectations. Magic is enjoying the work every day and the comment from our guests was that Magic had “the best blind manners.” In other words he never barked, stayed still and was all business on our hunts. Over the Thanksgiving Week hunt I witnessed a Triple Teal Mark and retrieve which was fast and determined. I think the hunt trials we did this summer gave him the basis to build on for this hunting season and think he is ready to go for his Senior Hunt tests in the upcoming off season. One really can get an appreciation for the skill level David Dahlberg has put into Magic when we have a guest dog at our blind. We occasionally have guest dogs come to our blind and one of two things usually happen. Either the new dog is escorted to the car and not hunted due to behavioral issues or they drastically improve their hunting by learning skills from Magic. Having the “Dog to Live up to,” makes me a proud and complete duck hunter. Rolida Kennels again has set the bar so high with Magic that we look forward to the new duck season as soon as the current season ends. Thanks again, Drew Wolf


Dave, I bought Maya from you, her dad was Bear, your dog. Anyway, I finally put all our training to use and wow, what a dog. I have never had a dog so dang smart, and is just beautiful too. I thought you might want to see the pic (feel free to post it on your website if you like) and hear our success story. I have told so many people about where I got her, I can only hope you’ve gotten some business either for selling pups or training from all the people I have talked to. Of course, I will continue to point people your direction if/when I hear of someone needing a pup or training. Thanks again for such a fine dog! -Dwayne Hofstetter


Mac had been in training for only 4 months when I took him on his very first hunt. A trip to South Dakota and he was only 10 months old. We hunted for 5 days, he flushed 7 birds and retrieved roughly 20 birds our hunting party shot. I was very pleased with his performance, training, and obedience in the field. Mac is the second dog of mine Rolida Retrievers has trained and they have done a great job both times. -Greg Thomas


We have owned several generations of top bred Labrador Retrievers and have worked with several trainers in the past with varying degrees of results and satisfaction. We feel fortunate to have discovered Dave Dahlberg at Rolida Kennels who is now training our young dog Cassis. She completed her Junior Hunt Title at under eleven months of age. Dave has seeming uncanny abilities to sense dog’s different personalities and bring out their best. If you are looking for a trainer for hunting or trialing I would recommend Dave without reservation. Dave will work with you and your dog to be a team. In our view there is “no comparison!” I’d give Dave five stars out of five. Del Zopf M.D.